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Have You Ever Washed Your Hair With Herbs?

At FWO, we believe in preserving what is not broken. Herbal Hair Rinses have been used for thousands of years by numerous indigenous cultures to cure scalp irritations, dandruff and inflammation, etc. while improving hair growth, strength manageability naturally with the power of Plant Medicine.

Hair Growth Tea is an amazing multi-use product that you can drink daily, bathe in as much as you like, spray on your hair as desired, used to steam you face/ hair or poured over your hair as an herbal conditioning rinse. 

Unlike commercial conditioners, rinsing your hair with herbs carries no harmful ingredients with no residue and rinses clean. Herbal hair rinses can provide deep cleansing, enrich natural hair color, soothe irritation, prevent dandruff or stimulate the scalp to increase growth. Drinking our tea blends help to combat the reasons behind your lack of hair growth or dryness while rinsing your hair will smooth the hair cuticle and coat your hair shaft with a protective herbal layer. 

Energizing Hair Growth Tea


Forever Calming Tea & Hair Rinse


Nourish Your Scalp & Body


WE WILL NEVER USE                Synthetic Fragrances & Dyes

WE WILL NEVER USE                    Parabens

WE WILL NEVER USE                       Sulfates 

WE WILL NEVER USE                  Petrochemicals 

WE WILL NEVER USE                  Triclosan 

"I wanted to try this growth oil because I have a very dry scalp and thinning at the crown of my head from wearing tight hairstyles. The oil soaks nicely in my hair and leaves a nice layer of moisture on my scalp. I have noticed my scalp is less sore and I don't experience as much shedding on wash day."

Karlee Franklin - Hair/ Beard Growth Oil for Curly & Kinky Hair

"It smells wonderful and has drastically improved my skins tone and texture. I had an allergic reaction to some bites causing discoloration on my arms and legs and since using this oil every day I can hardly see the scars now. Just bought my third bottle!"

Amber Smith - Body, Bath, & Massage Oil

"I have kinky/curly hair and use it once a week as a pre-poo. It smells like fresh peppermint and leaves the scalp tingly. Not only does it leave my hair soft and clean, I definitely see hair growth throughout my head after a few weeks. Will def buy again!!"

Katrina Ryan - Hair/ Beard Growth Oil for Curly & Kinky Hair

"The smell is so relaxing and wonderful. The oil absorbs quickly and does not leave your skin feeling greasy. I put it on after the shower and my skin feels so hydrated and refreshed. I love that this product is all natural so I feel good about putting it on. Please make a body spray with the same smell!"

Jane Golding - Body, Bath, & Massage Oil

"My skin is silky smooth. Being of Caribbean descent I've always battled dry skin living in NY. It smells amazing and I get an invigorating sensation immediately after rubbing it in.  I'm extremely happy I was lucky enough to find this healing oil."

Dennis Diaz - Body, Bath, & Massage Oil

The Power of Natural Ingredients

Our unisex and multi-use hair and body care products are 100% free of petroleum, parabens, synthetic fragrances or preservatives, silicones and all other yucky ingredients --- so you can hydrate your kinky curly coils while bringing your body back into balance (hormonal balance) with a clear conscious.

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Stop Hair Shedding in 3 Easy Steps!


Watch our tutorial video to see how 3 easy steps can bring you closer to the healthy, strong and moisture rich hair you deserve. 

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