Our Story


Forever Wild Organics (FWO) is a clean beauty and waterless hair, skin and wellness product line made from medicinal & vegan ingredients with a special focus on treating sufferers of severe hair loss, hyper-pigmentation and various internal issues. We have bridged together ancient indigenous beauty practices with modern needs to show that self care rituals and wellness does not need a makeover but deeper understanding.

Developed by an herbalist and licensed beauty professional, FWO's ingredients are not chosen by random but studied to ensure superior quality, proper usage and authenticity.


Our unisex and multi-use hair and body care products are 100% free of petroleum, parabens, synthetic fragrances or preservatives, silicones and all other yucky ingredients --- so you can hydrate your kinky curly coils while bringing your body back into balance (hormonal balance) with a clear conscious. Our herbs and oils are only sourced from zero waste certified organic farms that are committed to sustainable agriculture free from GMOs, pesticides, growth agents, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. 


Backed by a transparent business model that is focused on ethical ingredient sourcing, packaging sustainability, water conservation and self care rituals, our apothecary style products are curated for noticeable results full of spiritual connection.

FWO believes in transparency and environmental sustainability which has shaped our company's promise; to create jobs for POC & black farmers and to always deliver high quality healing solutions that teach our customers that true beauty begins from within. Mental self-care, a nutrition based diet and a close spiritual connection to yourself are the most important factors in beauty/ wellness. Beauty Products that clears your skin and promotes health hair growth is our version of healing the world.